Siets Bakker

The Netherlands
‘Movement is more natural than standing still. You only have to discover what causes the lack of movement.'
Siets' style

I’ve always loved to hear people talk about their work. I’ve always had lots of questions about that. I’m not so good at small talk but if you allow me to talk about work, I can listen for hours. This is what I bring to my coaching: a genuine interest in how organizations function, a deep understanding of how people deal with the dynamics in it and unexpected and creative ideas to get things moving again. My style is direct, decisive and I love simplicity. The fewer bells and whistles, the more powerful the experience.

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if you feel like you’re stuck and you’re not progressing at work

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management, non-profit organizations



Siets' coachees

Who would have thought a question can have such an unbelievable impact. I recommend this to everyone
I wasn’t expecting much, beforehand: It was online and much shorter than what I was used to. But we got to the core very fast, and it seemed as if Siets knew exactly what was going on and which questions she had to ask; an extraordinary experience. The solutions were up for grabs.
The playful humor and creativity Siets brings, I find unique. One moment, you’re laughing, the next moment you are in the core of your issue. Reflecting back, I cannot reconstruct how that happened.

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