Alina Porumbiu

‘When there is an urge to make everything stop, better make it move.’
Alina's style

I often find myself immersed in an interaction, creating space for new perspectives to arise. There has been a constant curiosity about relationships (couple, parent-child, work related and between inner parts) for as long as I can remember. I like to listen with all my body to the story behind the words and with kind sharpness to invite to a deeper delving. 

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if you find yourself caught in unworkable relational patterns

if you want to go beyond behaviour in relationship with children

if you go through a major change in your family structure (divorce, new family member, mixed-families) and you want to make the best out of it

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parents and educators


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Alina masterfully adapts the therapeutic approach to the topic discussed. She does so with kindness, understanding, and firmness. Very grateful to have met her!
What I enjoy about working with Alina is the interweaving between her professionalism and human warmth brought in every session.We started working with Alina at a turning point for our family, when our 12 year old boy was going through a difficult transition towards adolescence, during Covid. Since then, Alina has been guiding us in this challenging journey as parents. She has been supporting us in a better understanding of his life changes and the way they interfere with the dynamic of the entire family. Together, we can look beyond behaviours and have a deeper connection with him as our son.
I would like to thank you for the dedication you showed in my healing process. I feel good on the road that I`ve lately been on, having the assurance that I am loved and worthy of a live that I was only dreaming of having. With your guidance I can truly feel that I have much to discover in myself that would take me to my destination and also enjoying the ride. Thank you Alina.

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