Anette Raaby

‘What is the question behind the question?’
Anette's style

My mantra is that the body always tell the truth and that everything is connected. I love to zoom out with my clients and find new movements in stead of answers. I am very curious on what is the question behind the question, and to give space for answers to emerge. My style is presence, containment, clarity and authenticity. I have a developed sense of translating the felt sense into words and insights.

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If you want to work with repeating patterns in your life/team/organisation

When you/your team is stuck or there is a lot of pressure/stress

When you want to zoom out and gain new perspectives – as individual/manager/ or in your position

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Individuals and teams

Anette's coachees

Amazing how effective one simple question can have.
Anette is with always one step ahead with her questions – and I continuously wonder where do the questions come from?
Everytime I need help for a specific situation of strategic, tactic or operational character – Anette always have a bunch of moving questions. Still after 8 years of collaboration.

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