Do you know how to let questions work for you?

Offer no resistance, and things will just flow. You won’t have to work hard if you let questions do the work for you.  

How life flows

In nature everything is in a constant state of motion. That’s how life flows. Panta rhei as the Ancient Greeks said. Nothing remains the same. If movement is more natural than standing still, then standing still will cost more energy. If you feel exhausted, if teams are not as successful as they should be given the amount of energy spent, if problems keep recurring, then working even harder will no longer make any difference. You need to discover where and how the natural flow is obstructed. 

Use Moving Questions to allow life to flow again.

Card deck

The 65 questions on the cards take you in a different direction or lead you to the undercurrent. It doesn’t matter whether you are just getting acquainted with systemic work or if you are more experienced. The language is sometimes abstract or even magical. Taking you to an alternative realm of information. 


With Moving Questions, it’s about how you organise yourself, and the questions you make. The better you organise yourself, the more the question can create movement. Discover how in the book.

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