This is how to do it

Putting systemic knowledge to practise

What else?

In one of the online webinars we were playing with our favorite questions. Andrew’s favorite question is ‘what else?’ What this video to learn how you can enrich a question like that with adding the way of thinking of Moving Questions.

In module 2 of the training you’ll learn how to create you own Moving Questions, based on your favorite questions. Click here for more information and to sign up.

Systemic intelligence check-inns

Sarah Cornally and Siets Bakker facilitated a series of free online sessions, where they focussed on current issues from a system perspective, cleverly supported by collaborative breakouts to explore ideas further. Both are experts in their individual areas of system intelligence. In this recording they explored their experiences where there is an historical context that shapes how we experience the present, what system lies in the background, how that is represented in the present and how to create new beginnings in the context of a continuation. Sarah and Siets guided a process to do this and shared what was revealed.

Sarah Cornally is a frontier rider and catalyst for transformation. Sarah has academic qualifications in behavioural, biological and engineering sciences, as well as organisational behaviour, industrial relations and leadership. She is internationally trained in both Family and Organisational Systemic Constellations and Systemic Structural Constellations. She is passionate about knowledge becoming applied wisdom in organisations. Sarah is teaching the next generation of leaders through her creation of the System Dynamics & Organisational Constellations course. Click here to learn more about Sarah. 

Getting things unstuck

Wesley Boers and Siets Bakker hosted a series of online meetings where they introduced the basics of systemic work and Moving Questions to leaders and innovators in Asia. In this recording the explore the concept of the quality of your presence.

Wesley Boers is based in Singapore. He helps leaders & leadership teams optimise people chemistry to enable innovation & transformation. Click here for more about his services.

Systemic leadership summit 2021

How can systemic work contribute to humanity? How can you use systemic knowledge to navigate through today’s challenges? How to create a contagious attitude of positivity and flow? Just a couple of questions Jennifer Campbell and Siets Bakker spoke about in the Systemic leadership summit 2021.

The Systemic leadership summit is an online event with a simple mission: to help you shift your leadership paradigm from the individual to the collective, from the control based to the human by introducing you to a highly diverse, cutting edge and experienced group of influencers. Click here for more information about the Systemic leadership summit.