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How to use questions that create movement

“We need new solutions supported by new tools”

Since Covid became part of our lives our systems have been hugely impacted. Remaining healthy and successful despite these circumstances, requires new tools and methods and even calls for a new way of thinking.

Trying harder or working harder is simply not enough to solve problems, neither in organizations nor in our daily lives. In order to be successful you need to know that everything is inter connected. Systemic knowledge helps us understand these connections. Moving Questions allow these connections to become visible and thus new solutions can appear.

Create your own success by asking better questions. Moving Questions.

opstellingen en systemisch met Rake Vragen

New solutions, new tools

Through this cleverly designed training program you use your systemic brain and learn how to add Moving Questions to your skills and toolbox. Each module consists of 2 parts, each containing 2 hours of online training. Each part will be concluded with an assignment, aimed at the practical application of the training.

Questions as a tool

module 1

In this first module you’ll learn how to apply systemic knowledge in the most practical sense: asking questions. Kick off and practice with ready-made questions applicable in any situation.

Questions as a method

module 2

Let’s increase your access to information. In this module you will learn how to build your own Moving Questions, so they’re available to you anywhere, anytime.

Beyond questions

module 3

Module 3 helps you move beyond questions. You will gain insights on how to create connections allowing not only your life to flow naturally but allowing your success to be effortless too.


  • You will get lots of ready-made Moving Questions giving you access to a completely different source of information than traditional, analytical questions. New worlds will open up.
  • You will know what to aim for in order to create change.
  • You will stop wearing yourself out: rather than struggling to find solutions you will use your energy to reconnect
  • You will have a greater sense of control both in your personal and professional life through your understanding of hidden dynamics.
  • You will experience effortless success since you know exactly which questions to ask.

Designed for you

Beyond problems

Reach beyond the problem and understand its hidden value so you can grasp the opportunity it gives you.

Micro trainings

Each module has two parts. First you’ll learn the basics, the assignment allows for practical integration. In the second part of each module we will dig even deeper.


Upon completion you’ll receive a certificate of participation.

Three modules

Step by step, the 3 modules will show you how to use Moving Questions as a tool, as a method and as a way of thinking. Experience its richness yourself!

Clever design

Follow the training in your own time zone. Missed one? Watch the replay or join the group in a different time zone.

Online platform

All sessions will be recorded and exclusively available on our online platform.

Dates & time

module 1

Wednesday September 15th 09:00-11:00 CET

Wednesday September 22nd 09:00-11:00 CET

module 2

Wednesday October 6th 09:00-11:00 CET

Wednesday October 13th 09:00-11:00 CET

module 3

Thursday October 27th 09:00-11:00 CET

Wednesday November 3rd 09:00-11:00 CET


All training sessions will be online via Zoom and will be recorded. If you miss a session, you can watch the replay later or join the other time zone.


Here’s what past participants have to say:

The Moving Questions course was a truly expansive experience. The systemic questions themselves are brilliant, and brought about profound shifts in myself, the other program participants, and the coaching clients I subsequently shared them with. When you combine this with Siets’ deep yet unassuming wisdom, I think the value of the program is immeasurable. Thank you Siets!

Naomi Abott

coach, Australia

I thought I was just going to learn a simple technique. What you said resonate deeply with me/how I am in this world. It opened up so much for me, I can’t believe it.


business controller, The Netherlands

I was really surprised, the way Siets succeeded to frame a confidential room though it was done digital by Zoom. Siets is by all means a mediator, who walks the talk – thank you for the great inspiration to courageously go back and ask new questions to find new meanings. Don’t hesitate if you get the opportunity to be trained by Siets.

Karin Lyngby

HR manager, Denmark

In general this training is a great opportunity to further build upon theoretical and practical knowledge in systemic work. It is highly applicable in day-to-day situations in private and business situations. For me the biggest learning is that it creates movement in “stuck” discussions and it creates deeper conversations which leads you to the “core” of a discussion. It was a great pleasure to participate in this training and I can recommend it to further enrich systemic skills in a practical and easy applicable way.

Rob Raeijmackers

manager projectmanagement, The Netherlands

Full training


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All questions answered

Questions not answered? Send us a message

How do I get access to the meetings and recordings?

After registration you will get a confirmation email with login details. This will give you access to the training, including Zoom links and uploaded recordings.

What to do if I don’t want to be recorded?

Your privacy is important to us. The recordings are exclusively accessible for participants of the training. And of course it’s perfectly fine if you want to turn off your camera and change your name for more privacy.

Can I join with a co-worker or friend?

Yes. We recommend you participate with someone you like and trust so you can share experiences and learn from each other when practicing Moving Questions.

I don’t know anything about systemic work, is this a problem?

You don’t need to know anything about systemic work to get all the benefits of this training. Our starting point is questions since anyone can ask a question, anytime. You can always formulate a question in your mind, even before saying it out loud. If you are already trained in systemic work, you will discover an easy and practical way to apply this complex and sometimes abstract knowledge.

What if I miss a training session?

The program is well designed. You have two options: all training sessions will be recorded, you can watch the replay at your convenience. Or you can attend the same training session in the other group, in a different time zone.

Can I pay in my own currency?

Yes. Upon checking out you can select your preferred payment method and currency.

Do I get an invoice?

Yes, upon payment you’ll receive a confirmation email with login details and an invoice.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, upon completion you’ll receive a certificate of participation.

I have a different question

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Please send a message to contact@moving-questions.com and we’ll answer your question within 24 hours.