How questions work for you

About the logic underneath the question mark.  

check this video (06:46) to learn why you need Moving Questions to be successful in 2021

The ingredients of Moving Questions

  1. the quality of your presence: how you hold space for yourself, the context and the potential movement;
  2. the question you’re asking: Moving Questions never ask for details or examples, they always invite to zoom out;
  3. the systems that respond to the question: be willing to listen, whatever system answers.
Moving Questions the basics

The Quality of Your Presence

What you do before you ask the question and how you listen to an answer, is, at least, as important as the quality of the question itself. Be aware of the intention with which you ask the question. Why are you asking this particular question? There is no right or wrong way, but it is important to know which system of energy you are working from.

The Question You’re Asking

Analytical questions need answers. You need the information that the answer brings. Moving Questions don’t need answers. Through your Moving Questions, you’re looking at patterns and hidden connections. Ask both types of questions. Moving Questions will reveal hidden connections, show you which problems are actually symptoms of something else, then give meaning to this by making a plan and making a decision.

The Systems That Respond

You never know where the answer comes fromy you never know which system will respond and you cannot force it. The best way to work with this is agreeing that you don’t know and that is fine. Moving Questions are about creating movement and restoring the natural flow of life. From this inner state, life can flow.

You Know You Got it When

  • you know it’s not about the question and you’re indifferent to the answer yet you are still very interested. In this state, the process caused by the question is most important. Through this process, the natural flow of life can be restored without having to put a lot effort.
  • you feel as if questions are coming to you instead of you trying hard to find the perfect question. This means that you are connected to something larger than the case or situation itself. In this state, you’re more sensitive to the hidden connections of what the issue is.
  • you’re having fun! Change, insights and ideas come by themselves and you know which path to choose. You feel fulfilled and capable even though you know the execution might become difficult.