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As an organization consultant, Siets Bakker (1973) has guided numerous executive boards and management teams through their change issues. She is a forerunner in the field of applied systemic work. Siets is trained to facilitate family and organisational constellations, but is much more interested in finding practical ways to apply systemic knowledge to everyday life. The book, Moving Questions, is the product of her knowledge and expertise.


Siets Bakker was a guest of the Wachama podcast. Wachama is a podcast featuring passionate changemakers from Wageningen and around the world. In conversation with host Zsolt J. Varga she talks about how problems occur when the natural flow is broken and blockages emerge that result in tension. And how with Moving Questions, you can restore this flow.

Ask Siets


  • To ask you questions that help you and your work get unstuck, get moving again. Siets works both in person and online, via Zoom.


  • to teach you and your colleagues how to use Moving Questions in your own professional life. Trainings can vary from a half-day workshop to a four-day seminar.


  • to be a keynote speaker at your event. She specialises in combining current organisational themes with Moving Questions. Bringing new ideas and energy to your audience.


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English publications by Siets Bakker

Due to popular demand, the book and card deck are available in English. French and Spanish translations are currently in production. Also recommended: Unlocking Systemic Wisdom, Siets Bakker’s first book. 

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