Unlocking systemic wisdom


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ISBN 9789492331717 | softcover | 153 pages

Bring key knowledge from constellations to the workfloor.

You sense that something is off in your organisation or team, but can’t find the words to describe it. So you carry on and ignore the signals: signals from your surroundings or your body’s signals. That’s a shame, because there is so much more to be gained from the systemic wisdom within you.

Practical handbook

Unlocking systemic wisdom is a down-to-earth, practical handbook in which years of experience is translated into an easy-to-use guide for using your systemic wisdom in the workplace.

You will read which three life-giving forces are at work in the undercurrent of organisations and teams, so that you better understand what you already sensed but couldn’t describe. Taking signals seriously By ‘switching on’ your own systemic wisdom, you can tap into a new source of information. You gain a deeper understanding, without having to work very hard for it.

The exercises and assignments in this book help you become more sensitive to the signals that previously you might not have taken seriously. The many recognisable and everyday examples make this book easy to read. The result: not working so hard!

By looking at situations from a systemic perspective you gain more insight into what is really going on in your team or organisation. By daring to trust and handle situations according to your gut feeling about ‘what feels right and what does not’, you create new options. This makes it easier to reach decisions. Now you will not have to work so hard, especially in situations that previously were complicated.

I always thought that systemic work was complicated and woolly, but this book explains it in a very clear and down-to-earth way.

A. van den Oever

business controller

It feels like I’ve discovered a well-kept secret; one that gives me a huge advantage in my work, my private life and to others that don’t know it yet.

P. Boom


I think I work far too hard. After reading this book I no longer feel like I’m swimming against the current.                                

F. Smith

HR consultant