the card deck / Danish


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translated by Anette Raaby

Change is easy: choose your questions

50 questions to help you get started. Which of them resonates? Which don’t? Symbols to keep looking with, as representatives in a table constellation. There is always room for this set in your bag.

The questions on the cards take you in a different direction or lead you to an undercurrent. Whether you are just getting acquainted with systemic work of if you are more experienced. The wording is sometimes abstract or even magical. Leading you to another domain.

Not all questions will be relevant for an issue that concerns you. Work with the questions that resonate today. Allow the questions to give you fresh ideas and adapt the questions where you feel appropriate.

Tips on how to use the cards:

  • In order to work with the questions, a context is needed. And so, you must have a question or issue you would like to explore using the question. Without a context, the questions will become too abstract.
  • Sometimes, there are two questions on a card. These questions belong together. Answer both of them, each will provide you with slightly different information.
  • Write down the answers to the questions. By writing, you remain in contact with the question.
  • Keep the card featuring the selected question with your telephone, or put it somewhere where you’ll see the question regularly.