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ISBN 978 | hardcover | 142 pages

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How to let questions work for you

By asking Moving Questions, you introduce movement to situations that are stuck. Both professionally and personally. For you and other people. Step-by-step, this book teaches you how to ask Moving Questions. It provides you with ready-prepared Moving Questions. It also teaches you how to formulate your own Moving Questions. And how to ask the question in such a way that it’s moving.

Many eye-openers for everyone who wants to bring others and themselves further, through a good conversation. The ‘quality of the presence’ and ‘it’s about asking the question, you don’t need the answer. The answer is for the other person’.

J. Donkers


A must-read! The book reads easily. Where sometimes some woolly language is used when it comes to systems, undercurrent and invisible layers, Siets Bakker knows how to explain to the reader in clear language.      

F. Cook

personal coach

I do not know of any book that expresses asking effective questions as practically, aptly and at the same time light-heartedly as this book.

E. Smith