Maaike Mulder-Pol

‘The key to a free(er) life is in the contact with yourself.’

Maaike about Maaike

I am inquisitive, intuitive, and I enjoy a real connection with the person in front of me. I help you to create space for development, and to make the (career) choice that fits with who you are inside. So that you experience inner piece, and satisfaction in work and life. My style is light, clear and equally inquisitive, and with my questions and atmosphere of non-judgment we quickly get to the heart of the matter.

Choose Maaike

  • if you don’t know what your next (career) step will be
  • if you repeatedly show the same pitfall-behavior in certain situations and with certain people, and want to develop yourself in this matter
  • if you experience restlessness because you keep asking yourself whether you are working / living your full potential

Maaike coaches

  • higher educated professionals
  • managers
  • entrepeneurs

Always short and powerful.

Coaching with Moving Questions is quick and effective. There’s no need to understand all details, it’s about understanding how things are connected. Our Moving Questions coaches are experienced and specialized coaches, they take you further. Guaranteed. Scroll down to book an appointment.

Others about Maaike

“I have to say that I often had to think about the answer to her questions, something I am normally not inclined to. This is also because only few people can pull me out of my comfort zone (I simply don’t allow them) but Maaike did.”

“I immediately felt at ease with Maaike. She knows how to ask the right questions and to help find answers that you (consciously or unconsciously) did not think of yourself. This has enabled me to find the direction I want to go.”

“Maaike has helped me to get and stay closer to my feelings. To be more assertive and to make choices with more consciousness.”