Anette Raaby

‘What is the question behind the question?’

Anette about Anette

My mantra is that the body always tell the truth and that everything is connected. I love to zoom out with my clients and find new movements in stead of answers. I am very curious on what is the question behind the question, and to give space for answers to emerge. My style is presence, containment, clarity and authenticity. I have a developed sense of translating the felt sense into words and insights.

Choose Anette

  • If you want to work with repeating patterns in your life/team/organisation
  • When you/your team is stuck or there is a lot of pressure/stress
  • When you want to zoom out and gain new perspectives – as individual/manager/ or in your position

Anette coaches

  • Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals and teams

Always short and powerful.

Coaching with Moving Questions is quick and effective. There’s no need to understand all details, it’s about understanding how things are connected. Our Moving Questions coaches are experienced and specialized coaches, they take you further. Guaranteed. Scroll down to book an appointment.

Others about Anette

“Amazing how effective one simple question can have.”

“Anette is with always one step ahead with her questions – and I continuously wonder where do the questions come from?”

“Everytime I need help for a specific situation of strategic, tactic or operational character – Anette always have a bunch of moving questions. Still after 8 years of collaboration”.