We are experiencing huge changes in our communities all over the world. Whether you like it or not, COVID makes us rethink our lifestyle and our choices. All these uncharted dynamics and fears make it really difficult to create a space where you can be vulnerable. A space where you don’t need to have an opinion, where you are allowed to change your mind. As though it is forbidden not to know and you are expected to take action immediately. You are welcome to join me in my new series: “Forbidden conversations”.


autonomy | sovereignty | strength

A healthy community requires people wo can make independent decisions, who can trust themselves and trust in life, who are fully in touch with the world around them. That’s what you’ll gain out of the forbidden conversations.

Just what you need when

  • you need a different perspective than the one your upbringing provided you with
  • you keep your opinion bottled up, because you feel there is no space for your thoughts
  • you are looking for the space to listen to each other, a space where different perspectives may co-exist in peace
  • you feel the need to have deeper conversations
  • you want to use this unusual time to make new choices
  • you are looking for new perspectives and different approaches
  • you are willing to include sources other than science
  • you are looking forward to meet new people and experience beautiful encounters

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Forbidden conversations

A space for various intelligence. A safe space to speak your mind.


Prior to the start of the series, you will receive a blog and a must-read to help you find your voice and feel what’s important to you. Naturally, you will bring all of your own knowledge and experience.

All information is welcome, even if it feels tense.


For every forbidden conversation, I invite a guest speaker with an extraordinary perspective on the subject. We exchange thoughts and create a safe space for every answer.

Everything may be spoken. Everything may be heard.

Dive deep

But we don’t stop there! A week later, your forbidden conversation continues, together with 3 other students. The recording and assignment will be your guide to this follow-up conversation.

You decide what you take from it.

The guest speakers come from home and abroad. Some of the conversations will take place in Dutch, others in English. All conversations will be simultaneously translated.

The guest speakers

Extraordinary people with a unique vision on the subject, who stimulate you to create and follow your own vision. You can sign up for one, multiple or all forbidden conversations.

Hilbrand Westra

Hilbrand Westra

May 27th

8.00 pm to 9.30/10.00 pm CET

Endings and death

“To live fully, you need to be able to look death in the eye.”

Our economy books put emphasis on two subjects: Growth and the necessity of survival of what is. This works different in nature. There, systems find their end when it’s their time. Everything that was put into it, becomes available for the next system. This forbidden conversation is about how to end systems and make space for the next one.


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Power and leadership

“The human spirit possesses a deep desire for greatness.”

It’s easy to feel powerless, there is a lot of pressure in these unusual times. What offers power, is different now than a few years ago. What guides and what gives guidance, is not always visible anymore. It’s tensive to talk about leadership dynamics; the implications could be huge. By Sarah Cornally from Australia.


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sarah cornally

Sarah Cornally

June 30th

8.00 pm to 9.30/10.00 pm CET
kaartenset Rake Vragen van Siets Bakker

Elmer Hendrix

July 29th

8.00 pm to 9.30/10.00 pm CET

Following rules

“You are always the supreme authority ”

We live in circumstances with rules which were, until recently, unthinkable. The way these rules came about and the legalization of said rules were unimaginable before. The systemic consciousness keep telling you different ways to deal with this. It’s time, to have this conversation too.


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Success and money

“Why would you work so hard for something that’s so poor in quality?”

Success, only expressed by money and growth might be the most poor way to be successful.
Simultaneously, the ability to attract enough money is a condition to experience the wealth of life. Anette Raaby (from Denmark) is a successful entrepreneur who lives and works along this line of thinking.


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Siets Bakker

Anette Raaby

August 26th

8.00 pm to 9.30/10.00 pm CET


September 30st

8.00 pm to 9.30/10.00 pm CET


“What happens if the information is outdated?”

Who can you talk to about the future without ending up in dogma’s? Without him or her trying to convince you? Someone who takes you through all the different options and who helps you discover direction? I know a few of these people, but it’s too soon to make an appointment. As if this future hasn’t been created yet.


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You listen to your own voice, and the voice of others. 

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end and death

May 27th

success and money

Aug. 26th

power and leadership

June 30th


Sept. 30st

following rules

July 29th

all conversations start at 8 pm (CET) and finish at 9.30/10 pm 

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verboden gesprekken  verboden gesprekken  verboden gesprekken  verboden gesprekken Onze bewegingsruimte is het afgelopen jaar flink kleiner geworden. Niet alleen fysiek. De ruimte om je eigen stem te vinden en te laten horen is soms erg kwetsbaar. Maar belangrijker dan ooit. Daarom organiseer ik onder de naam ‘Verboden gesprekken‘ een serie waarin alles gevraagd mag worden, alles niet geweten mag worden en alles gezegd mag worden. verboden gesprekken  verboden gesprekken  verboden gesprekken  verboden gesprekken