Europe Spring 2021

Online training

Online training that brings joy, many learnings, deep insights

Learn about hidden structures of successs and how to implement them in your life

An invitation to connect and create effortless success through questions

Why join Europe Spring 2021 

breakout tijdens lockdown

Nowadays everything is connected. The importance of knowledge about how things are connected and how you can make use of it, is becoming increasingly more important. You can access this information by putting your systemic brain at work, by using Moving Questions!

  • You will learn how to apply systemic knowledge in the most practical way: by asking questions. You get a bunch of ready-made questions you can use in any situation.

  • After module 2 your access to information will multiply because you know how to construct these questions yourself, whether you ask them out loud or use them in your thinking process.

  • Module 3 brings you even beyond questions. You will gain insights about how you can create connections through which life will flow by itself. This brings effortless success.


6 Wednesdays from 9.30 AM until 11.30 AM. This training has 3 main topics; Moving Questions as tool, as a method and as a way of thinking. Every meeting we’ll focus on a different subsection of these topcis. The sessions are €225,- excl. VAT for all the meetings.


This training is about how to use Moving Questions in different ways. During the meetings I’ll introduce you to those different ways. Meetings are recorded and will be shared after, as well as the presentation and assignments. It is always possible to view the meeting at another time.


By joining the Europ Spring 2021 breakout sessions you’ll become a member of a community we form together to exchange.

An open space where you are welcome to share and express about the way things are right now.



What these sessions are about

Keep growing

Even in difficult times I encourage to keep growing and developing.


With all the pressure on systems and structures it is important to step back and relax occasionally. 


Every workday we start the day together, where there is room for your questions and concerns.


We meet via Zoom. By exchanging with each other we connect on a deeper level.


Moving Questions and systemic knowlegde are the recourses for these sessions. 


During our meetings we start movement and development, this brings excitement and joy. We will laugh a lot together.

Registration for Europe Spring 2021 sessions is open.

Dates and times for the Europe Spring 2021 sessions

Wednesday March 24

Wednesday March 31

Wednesday April 14

Wednesday April 21

Wednesday May 5

Wednesday May 12

Meetings start at 9.30 AM and end at 11.30 AM. There is always room for questions, more in depth conversation and discussion.

Intereseted in what others have to say?

I am so sure you are the right fit for this program that I would like to reassure you about this; I will pay you back your registration fee if you pull out within 3 days.

I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect but I had a feeling I needed to be there and I knew it would bring me further. Investing my time and money was more than worth it, thank you so much, Siets!


Joining has given me back my freedom as a person. I felt free from all the labels people have given me, which I thought were ‘true’ for a long time.

Froukje Keuning

Participating brings me value because; 1) It is helped me to reflect, zoom out en see and feel what happens when I do this. 2) I’ve expanded and refreshed my knowledge on systemic thinking and working. 3) It has connected me with likeminded people.

Hajo Rietman

Siets helps you to embrace this unique time and while staying connected to yourself and others shape the present day and the future.

Filip Geuens

The Moving Questions course was a truly expansive experience. The systemic questionsthemselves are brilliant, and brought about profound shifts in myself, the other programparticipants, and the coaching clients I subsequently shared them with. When you combine this with Siets’ deep yet unassuming wisdom, I think the value of the program isimmeasurable. Thank you Siets!

Naomi Abbott

Systemic knowlegde and techniques

  • are interesting no matter what your background or job is.
  • make sure you can always use your abilities, even when you have to perform under high pressure. 
  • help you by giving meaning to what happens to people and the world around you. 
  • enable you to be in contact with your future
  • give you tools to share your insights with others.

All questions answered

Do you have a question that I haven’t answered yet, please send me a message

What to expect? 

After you’ve registered, you’ll receive your log-in information for a private part of my website. Here you’ll find all the zoom links, recordings and assignments. You’ll have acces to this for 12 months.

The day before our meeting you will receive an email with the zoom link at 2pm Dutch time. This email will be sent from, if you add this address to your address book you avoid the issue of mail being transferred to your spambox.

Do I have to be experienced?

You don’t have to be experienced, and if you are experienced your experience is welcome and useful. I usually work with groups from different backgrounds and with different levels of experience. You can easily translate the content to your own situation.

Do I have to be present for all the live meetings?

I am not telling you to do anything. You can join live if and when you want and are able to. The recordings are always added to the online program so it is possible to watch it at a later time.

Can I still change my mind?

Of course. I am so sure this is helpful and you will be good at it that I want to give you a guarantee. If you want to pull back after the first meeting you will get back your registration fee. 

What about my privacy?

Your private information is as well protected as possible. We will be using Zoom as a platform. Zoom has really improved their security system since last year and according to my information it is safe to use this platform. The recordings are only published in the private section of my website. I will never share the recordings or your private information. This is what I do to keep your information safe. 

Can I join with my partner or colleague?

For sure! But your registration is personal. If you would like to join together, please register both. From a systemic perspective this will give both of you a fully fledged place as a participant.

Change your mindset

Exploring the unknown instead of being in fear.

You are not alone