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I am not an expert.

Many people sell success as: “Do as I do and be successful”. Not many people are success. Being success means that you can say, wholeheartedly: “I love my life”. This conversation with Anette was about loving your live and what that brings you. We had a slow start, but it kept getting better. 

With Anette Raaby from Denmark. 

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20:18:32 From Carola van dorp : is success always connected to money?
20:24:08 From maritha van osch : To me, it is about being connected to why I do it, what I do, but something inside me is scared to show it. Daring to take my own leadership is a thing for me. So I am still connected to something in the past. 
21:13:58 From Veerle : Vulnerability passed in our group 
21:20:11 From Veerle : Maybe people do not say they are succesfull but they show it car, latest Phone….material succes versus healthy succes
21:41:57 From Josepina Burger o.p. : To me, success means being able to be present where you are in the flow of life. 
21:43:05 From Sabrina Brugel : Thank you for some beautiful insights again
21:51:55 From Christel : thank you!

Thank you, Anette for your contribution. More about Anette and her work here.