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The human spirit possesses a deep desire for greatness

It’s easy to feel powerless, there is a lot of pressure in these unusual times. What offers power, is different now than a few years ago. What guides and what gives guidance, is not always visible anymore. It’s tensive to talk about leadership dynamics; the implications could be huge.Wit

With Sarah Cornally from Australia.

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From the chat

Here you will find the chat messages about power & leadership.

20:19:11 From Jetske Boom to Everyone : being alone is different from feeling of loneliness
20:29:23 From Frida de Koning en to Everyone : what do you mean by a new frontier, Sarah?
20:35:28 From Jeanine Pothuizen to Everyone : we are giving beautiful examples of how the system flows through a person and brings something beautiful. Does this apply for less beautiful examples? What does the system do? Or is the system taken hostage by that person? 
20:43:39 From Jetske Boom to Everyone : working on that level in the unknown is like the work of a midwife, facilitating life
20:47:45 From Katelijne Callebaut to Everyone : What we are talking about is for me self-leadership. I miss the aspect of leadership and truttig others
20:48:01 From Katelijne Callebaut to Everyone : trusting others
21:16:36 From Leena van Korlaar to Everyone : What if you find it hard to dare to trust life? 
21:23:37 From Lieke Helmes to Everyone : Being powerless for me is about not being connected
21:23:58 From Jeanine Pothuizen to Everyone : Leadership, to me, is about how you move yourself in the system. In each moment, you observe, feel and choose what to do. Self-leadership is often about the discipline to do what you wanted to do. 
21:26:41 From Jan to Everyone : our view of the world, of others, and what they do, or not, has being formed in our 1st years of life.
21:28:13 From Jan to Everyone : so we need to get acquainted with ourselves. What is going on inside. What makes me weak, what strong, etc
21:31:19 From Frida de Koning en to Everyone : knowing where and when to begin is leadership
21:38:30 From Anouscha (Flowable) to Everyone : The nature of the problem is that it can be solved. Otherwise we call it a limitation. (Louis Cauffman solution-oriented therapy)
21:39:31 From Anouscha (Flowable) to Everyone : A limitation is part of the whole and asks for inclusion. 
21:47:07 From Jeanine Pothuizen to Everyone : beautiful Anouscha!
21:47:22 From Jeanine Pothuizen to Everyone : Recognizable, Jetske! Playing as an ingrediënt to trust life. 
22:00:09 From Wilma Broeseliske to Everyone : the younger generation…ages?

Dive deep

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Twenty years ago Siets ran into the autobiography of Gandhi. She has read it at least ten times, cover to cover. The book is many times more interesting than the movie, because you get an insight in his thought process. The book is only available in English. Click here to order the book.

Sarah also mentioned ‘Mens search for meaning’ by Victor Frankl. A prominent Viennese psychiatrist before the war, Viktor Frankl was uniquely able to observe the way that he and other inmates coped with the experience of being in Auschwitz. He noticed that it was the men who comforted others and who gave away their last piece of bread who survived the longest – and who offered proof that everything can be taken away from us except the ability to choose our attitude in any given set of circumstances. the sort of person the prisoner became was the result of an inner decision and not of camp influences alone.

Thank you Sarah Cornally for your contribution. More about Sarah and her work on