Consult with Siets Bakker

Book a 30 minute or 60 minute online consult here. You choose what you want the consult to be about:

  • you can make it a personal coaching
  • use Siets’s experience as a business consultant and ask advice as a manager or entrepeneur
  • make your consult an individual training session.

We use Zoom as the platform for all online meetings. If you want, your consult can be recorded, you’ll recieve a private link to the session afterwards.

Super easy

  1. select a service
  2. pick a date and time that best suit you
  3. complete the check out

After the completed payment procedure, you’ll get an email with a Zoom link.



  • consults usually don’t take longer than 45 minutes: the Moving Questions Siets asks don’t need more
  • all prices are VAT excluded
  • you’ll receive an invoice and confirmation after completing check out.