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Moving Questions toolbox complete

✔︎ The core business of many professionals is to ask questions. They know the impact a good question can have. Especially when problems are secretly symptoms.

✔︎ The Moving Questions toolbox provides you with the 50 best questions to ask and expose symptoms so the right decisions can be made.

✔︎ These questions have proven to contribute massively to the success of thousands of leaders, consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs and managers.


Moving Questions toolbox complete

Used by 1000’s professionals

The questions have been tested and used by many thousands of professionals in the fields of personal development, business consulting, change management, health care and education.

Give your client control back

Your client knows best. Help your client to find their own questions by guiding them through the card deck. You can stop with persuading and knowing best. Start inviting.

Moving Questions toolbox complete
Moving Questions toolbox complete

Guide yourself with the questions

Why only use the questions for others? You can use the questions as a filter, as a meditation, as a tool to make an analysis and even as a direction for a solution.

When NOT to use Moving Questions

  • you like to put in a lot of effort without expecting results
  • you just want to solve a problem and don’t mind if new problems keep showing up
  • you love keeping things the way they are without real change

Please do use Moving Questions when

  • you want to be effortlessly successful
  • you understand some problems are symptoms and want to get beyond the patterns
  • you hate being stuck and love to create movement

Discover all parts of the toolbox Moving Questions

Moving Questions toolbox complete

card deck with 50 Moving Questions

We send you the card deck in the available language of your choice. Daily shipments from The Netherlands.

Moving Questions toolbox complete

21 different methods

Choose one of the 21 different methods. Each method invites you to apply your systemic wisdom through questions.

Moving Questions toolbox complete

demo video’s

Learn how you can use the cards in 21 short video’s, each with a demonstration of a different method.

Moving Questions toolbox complete

written descriptions

Read the instruction for each method in the toolbox and download a .pdf file with the description.

Moving Questions toolbox complete

practical tips and variations

You can be as creative as you want with the methods, to help you get started we added practical tips and variations.

Moving Questions toolbox complete

bonus: the best blogs

As a bonus you get the 7 best blogs Siets Bakker has written about how she uses the questions in her profession and life.

Change is easy: choose your questions

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The card deck is available in English, Nederlands, Español and Dansk. By default the English card deck is shipped. You can add a comment when ordering when you want to receive the card deck in Nederlands, Español or Dansk.