let the questions lead you to solutions

Shake your questions

always the best questions available


Moving Questions app

✔︎ Get the conversation going again.

✔︎ for only one percent or less of the costs of trying harder and harder

✔︎ Ignite your thinking process.

✔︎ Use the app to go beyond the status quo, to get inspired or just for fun.

✔︎ Be your own coach


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Easy does it

  • shake or tap to get a question or choose your own
  • or start with what makes you feeling stuck and check which questions to ask
  • get to know the question by reading the explanation
  • mark your favorite questions
  • use the tips to triple your outcome
  • bonus! register for the exclusive free mini-course


Think of a situation where you feel stuck. Shake your device and… use the question you get to create movement. 

Five star review for the app Moving Questions

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