2 Inviting

In this second part of the training we’ll talk about how the nature of Moving Questions is inviting.


At the start of a project, the project leader asked each team member: are you committed to this project? I felt I couldn’t say I wasn’t fully dedicated and didn’t know what to say. An awkward silence followed. The project leader emphasized how important it was that we all were dedicated once again. Everyone had already said yes, except me. The question had excluded no inside of me couldn’t be

Make sure your question an invitation. Be willing to accept all the answers. Then a Yes is a real yes. If the project leader had asked: what are you committed to? He had gotten much bette information. A question that is an invitation always provides an enormously high quality of information.


the story continues…


Two weeks later, I reflected with the project leader on this meeting. He thought he had been very clever, forcing our commitment in this way. I asked him how he experienced the quality of our commitment. He admitted felt lonely in this project. I admitted I had checked out that first meeting, feeling disappointed that there seemed to be no interest in the information I had, which made me hesitant to commit to the project completely. In this conversation the real connection was made. We turned out to be a great team, I’m still proud of what we achieved in this project.