1 Zooming out

The first part of the free mini training is about how Moving Questions always zoom out.


Use Moving Questions when your other techniques and tools won’t take you any further. A friend worked in a hospital as a manager. She complained about the workload: I haven’t tackled one issue yet and the other is already emerging’, she said. I’ve fallen behind and don’t get to take any real steps ahead. She has been my friend for a long time: I know what a good manager she is. And I had never heard her complain like that before.

She was stuck in a pattern of too hard work, solving problems and complaining. She could only tell about the details, the bigger picture didn’t even exist anymore.

“What’s a good solution for keep falling behind?” I asked her. The question helped her to zoom out. If you zoom in, every problem seems to stand on its own, if you zoom out, the hidden connections become visible. The question made her aware that she didn’t experience any support from the management. This insight changed the whole situation. She instantly got new ideas on how to solve the problems once and for all and couldn’t wait to get started.

This is where questions create movement: by zooming out.