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Offer no resistance, and things will just flow. You won’t have to work hard if you let questions do the work for you.
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Moving Questions?

Think back to the most successful moments in your life, when everything seemed to go by itself. Not only was it so successful because you did the right things at the right time, there was something else too. It is often not possible to name it exactly, but you can feel it precisely. The other way around is also true: sometimes nothing works even though you do everything you can. With Moving Questions you know what are the hidden structures of success and which questions to ask to create success effortlessly.
  • bestseller in The Netherlands
  • easy access to systemic information
  • the best answer to many post covid questions in orgaisations

Customer Reviews

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Leesa Tongoulidis

workforce futurist
I can't believe it's so easy, I think we've been working too hard until so far.

Vanessa Fudge

partner and leadership coach at Leading Well
I would highly recommend Siet’s work with Moving Questions. Siets’ use of questions that manage to go to a deeper level to unearth unconscious awareness through dialogue is ground breaking. Our coaches found her training highly engaging and I am sure it has made us a stronger team too. We are now using this with our clients and working together to identify opportunities to ask questions differently in our leadership development work. 

Eoin Higgins

senior consultant at Veldhoen company
I had a fantastic experience at a 3 day event facilitated by Siets. Her approach is amazing. These questions open up a whole new level of conversation. 

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We like to think of ourselves as a field: each of us has her own business, which is flourishing, and together we connect and thereby create something new, something unique. We invite others to join. In this field we are receptive to systemic information. Which we use to create succes, joy and effortlessness.
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Monique de Heer

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Els van Ouwerkerk

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